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14th-Dec-2010 10:45 pm(no subject)

 aaah just rediscovered my livejournal because of the Oh No They Didnt Community. I love that site they are hilarious!

So excited for all the Brit-mas stuff coming our way... Album in march will be orgasmiccc

but since ive been gone i have a new love for Nicki minaj but Brit is always #1
28th-Apr-2009 08:50 pm(no subject)
28th-Apr-2009 08:45 pm - britney sig
9th-Nov-2006 04:53 pm(no subject)
Some Icons

8th-Nov-2006 11:22 pm(no subject)
Sorry I Have Been away for a while. Now I am back and am excited to update the site.

Britney On Cover of People
COVER STORY: Inside Britney & Kevin's Split
credit: People.com
and USWeekly

credit: usmagazine.com
8th-Nov-2006 11:19 pm(no subject)

Did Britney turn genius in divorce?

ABCNews.com: It's not just leaving Kevin Federline that has star watchers cheering - it's how Britney Spears chose to do it.

The pop star's Election Day surprise - coming one day after she showed off her new, slimmed-down look on late-night TV - was a masterful public relations move to launch her post-K-Fed career.

And she heads to divorce court with what lawyers are calling "an ironclad prenup" that will shelter her multimillion-dollar fortune.

"You've got to love the timing," says Jill Dobson, news editor at Star magazine. "The Letterman appearance was a last-minute thing. She obviously didn't talk about it on the show. But she wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

"Then, a day later, she drops the bomb - during a national election - when everybody is watching the news, and journalists work overtime."

Famed divorce lawyer Raoul Felder agreed that for Spears, "Election Day is probably the best day of the year to announce a divorce."

"She waited till she got herself back in shape, and then got rid of her husband," Felder says. "Now she can reinvent herself."

'Iron Clad' Prenup Leaves K-Fed Few Options

A dark cloud of bad publicity had followed the 24-year-old singer since she married the 28-year-old dancer, who had dreams of becoming a rap star.

Federline had abandoned a Shar Jackson, the mother of two of his children, when he started to date Spears. At the time, Jackson was pregnant with one of his children.

The club-hopping couple soon became a tabloid sensation, and they attempted to capitalize on their well-publicized exploits in the self-filmed reality show, "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic."

"Their marriage was just one disaster after the next," says Michelle Lee, executive editor of In Touch. "The divorce was inevitable."

This was Britney's second marriage. Eight months before marrying Federline, she tied the knot with childhood friend Jason Alexander after a heavy night of partying in Las Vegas - and the marriage was annulled 55 hours later.
 Credit: Ubritney.com

Solo Britney Takes Manhattan | Britney Spears, Kevin Federline
Picture From People.com
2nd-Sep-2006 06:57 pm - Vote For Britney!
Hello magazine poll - Most Elegant Woman
HelloMagazine.com: Who do you think was the most elegant woman on our site last week?

Vote now for your choice! The week's winner will be included in a monthly poll and the monthly winners will be entered in a Grand Finale at the end of the year. Cast your vote for Britney now!


2nd-Sep-2006 06:45 pm - Addicted
Hoping to continue her winning streak in the genre business, Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed to star in the Hitchcockian thriller "Addicted." Yari Film Group will finance the film, to be produced by Yari, Vertigo's Doug Davison and Roy Lee and Spitfire Pictures' Guy East and Nigel Sinclair.

Swedish filmmakers Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist will direct the film, set for an October production start. The duo is signed to direct the Warner Bros. Pictures big-screen adaptation of DC Comics' "Books of Magic."

"Addicted" centers on a woman whose husband and brother-in-law both end up in a coma after an accident. When the brother awakes, claiming to be her husband, she must try to understand the reality, suspecting something more sinister is at work.

The screenplay was adapted by Michael Petroni from the 2002 South Korean film "Jungdok." Executive producers include Spitfire's Alexander Brunner and Vertigo's Sonny Mallhi. Yari's head of production Brad Jenkel brought the film to the company.

"To have such a haunting screenplay combined with a star, producers and directors who have had the experience and success with this type of film in the past makes us truly excited about the project," Yari said.

Distribution for the film has not yet been determined.

Vertigo will reunite with Gellar after working with the former vampire slayer on "The Grudge" and the upcoming "The Grudge 2," set for release Oct. 13. Gellar recently wrapped production on "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing." She also stars in Rogue Pictures' supernatural thriller "The Return," which opens Nov. 10.

Source: HollywoodReporter.com.

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